Monday, 30 March 2015

Chyrus Wonderful Water - Followu

Wonderful Water
Walt: We were. learning about what is a Macro invertebrate identify things. What it will look like if the water is clean or it is polluted.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Writing of Hokule’a and Hikianalia

Today at Pt England Reserve there was a visit from the two waka’s called Hokule’a and Hikianalia.

Pt England school performed a Waiata to the people in the waka. The waiata is a welcome or a song. The seniors will start the haka and we do the singing also the seniors do the actions too.

The two waka was coming from Panmure wharf to Pt England school on the shore. Did you know that if you go on a plane to auckland to hawaii it takes you 7 hours but on a waka 3 months.  

Friday, 20 March 2015

Chyrus Yr 5 & 6 Camp Recount Term 1 2015

At Pt England school the was a year 5 to 6 camp from wednesday to friday first we got put into groups my group
was the all star
The first thing we had to do was Kayaking then we put on our togs so when we get wet we can wet our togs not your nice clothes.

after that we had a swim it was cold first
but then it was warm then we and to go back to the big tent when we got there we got out of our swimming togs and had morning tea.

the it was top town and we keep doing things ontel friday and on friday was the
Mangere Pools at Mangere Pools.  
Was a bombing pool,a deep pool,and a pool it was cool but we had to go home
it was sad but it was cool when we went home it and go and have a sleep.