Thursday, 11 December 2014

this is my Christmas wishlist this is what I want 
for christmas and what I don't want

Chyrus 2014 Reflection

This is about My years being at point england school.What I enjoyed is the Fia Fia and Manaiakalani. They helped me to be myself and to work with me.
I am Proud of fiafia because i have been in the hoip hop group for 5 years and because that is my culture.But next year i am going to be in the cook island group.Fiafia really helped me with my culture and doing the dance that i did not know about.I Really want to level up on my Reading because I’m gonna be a year 6 next year and I want to be better than I was. I really need to do my maths I’m getting there I just need to move up a level than i’ll probably do better because I want to learn and pass my maths test. Reading is the thing I need to learn I want to level up to 11 so I can do better and learn heaps. Next year I want to get better at getting all my work done in like 35 minutes or less before Morning tea time or Lunch time. I want to work on is about school and how i behave at school.One more thing I want to get better at doing movie.Thank you to all the teaches for a few years i have been here.Thank you so much to Miss garden,Mr Goodwin,Miss Jacobson and Mr Somerville

Monday, 8 December 2014

Art Gallery

Mubashshir,Junior and Chyrus Art Gallery Movie. from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Did know we went to the art gallery last friday.The first thing we did was going in the lego area.It was fun but people were scared beacuse they might break the lego.The seconded thing we did was going to the technology room in the technology room we made shapes and here lot's of weird sounds.

Then it was morning tea time we sat on the stairs.Well we were eating we started to play aroung and play games.It was time to go back inside the art gallery.We went in a area full of cool paintings.