Wednesday, 13 April 2016


this is what me and my room did but did not finish it    

Friday, 8 April 2016


 Fiafia is when you have to praxedes your moves and did you know that we did it outside on a big stage and we last night was fun and the group that  I am in is jump jam. This is what i was wearing last night a shirt and the shorts that I was wearing are my school shorts and we also have glow in the dark things I was so excited.On the night It was 7 hours before FiaFia i had a  feeling that i was scary and proud of myself when i got on the stage all I could here was go chyrus my family was so happy and my friends was cheering for me I felt so happy in side i was proud of my self when i finish i was cheering for my friends because they made me fell happy and i wont't to make them happy my favorite group was Samoa because it had my friends in they a plus I like there dance and they song.When the whole thing was done the last act was the cook island group and my c was in there she was a good dancer after that we had to go and get chance out of our close and in to the close that we were wearing when we came here.Then my mum piked me up and we went home but i had to sleep in the siting room
that was the bad bit for me but that whole was amazing and we got to stay at my antes house i was on the laptop and my sister was on the iPad and my mum was on her work iPad and dad was gone to get dander and it was yummy i love my school because its cool.