Thursday, 20 February 2014

The life cycle of a Monarch butterfly

This is about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.  The life cycle starts as a tiny egg changes through different stages, turns inside out and becomes a butterfly.

The Eggs
The life cycle begins with the female butterfly
attaching the egg near to the milk weed plant. The mum makes shore the egg doesn't fall off and die. She lays it so when it so when it turns into a caterpillar it has it has something to eat.

The caterpillar
When the caterpillar hatches from the egg the caterpillar eats the leaves and get nice and fat. Then it starts pealing its skin off and keeps on growing.  The caterpillar looks like a worm but it has stripes.

The chrysalis

The caterpillar sticks itself onto the stem hang like an anchor.  then it takes it last skin off and turns inside out and it is green so it can blend in.

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