Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why do we use a fork and knife to eat?

Have you ever eaten with  your hands before?  If you have then you must eat with a knife and fork because you might get sick, share germs and make other things sticky.

We use a knife and fork to keep our hands clean because if you eat with your hands oil might be on them and and you might put it on the table. Also we have germs on our hands.  If you get germs in your mouth you might get an infection, spew or herl.

Edible Pieces
We use a knife to cut the meat and other staff to eat and the fork to pick pieces up. We cut our food into small pieces so it can fit in our mouth and we don’t choke.

We use a knife and fork so we don’t embaress our mums and dads. It is also good for other people to see how to eat properly.

You should use a knife and fork so you don’t get germs in your mouth or dirty hands.

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  1. Well done using different sentence lengths in your writing Chyrus.