Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chyrus 2014 Reflection

This is about My years being at point england school.What I enjoyed is the Fia Fia and Manaiakalani. They helped me to be myself and to work with me.
I am Proud of fiafia because i have been in the hoip hop group for 5 years and because that is my culture.But next year i am going to be in the cook island group.Fiafia really helped me with my culture and doing the dance that i did not know about.I Really want to level up on my Reading because I’m gonna be a year 6 next year and I want to be better than I was. I really need to do my maths I’m getting there I just need to move up a level than i’ll probably do better because I want to learn and pass my maths test. Reading is the thing I need to learn I want to level up to 11 so I can do better and learn heaps. Next year I want to get better at getting all my work done in like 35 minutes or less before Morning tea time or Lunch time. I want to work on is about school and how i behave at school.One more thing I want to get better at doing movie.Thank you to all the teaches for a few years i have been here.Thank you so much to Miss garden,Mr Goodwin,Miss Jacobson and Mr Somerville

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