Monday, 22 June 2015

Chyrus Explaining My Game

The name of my game is called the adventure of L for Leeeeee
my task is what to do on a rainy day My game is a ninja called L for Leeeeee and he goes on the biggest  adventure there is owelle 2 level’s.

The mission is to kill the 2 the boss and make it over the spikes
the lead character is a green ninja, gold ninja and a angle ninja
in level 1 the green ninja is in there and in the level 2 the gold
ninja is in there and the bose is the angle.

The challenge that my lead character does not like is the boss
how you win is to kill the 2 boss when you lose you sometimes you
get a chance and how you gain life you must kill the boss and you
don’t lose your life.

The buttons that you push to move is w,d,a and to shoot is q
and to fly is e.

my game can fix the problem because it is cool and I think you will
like it

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