Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The deadly forest

The deadly forest

On sunday i call my friend Noah if he wanted to come over for a hike so then i asked my mum if he can come over for the hike she said “yes”.
So we went to pick up noah then we drove to the forest. When we got there we heard a scream.Then we walk up to the danger we heard the 2 scream i said to my mum we need to do “P.I.E” she said what’s a P.I.E it’s not the P.I.E that you eat it is like venturiantale P.I.E Paranormal_Investigators_Extraordinaire  we split up mum you go there
“Noah you go there and i will go this way ok if you are in danger scream ok” .Noah and mum let’s do this don’t forget do P.I.E then noah scream then he runned for his life but my mum die noah ran to the light then there was no light noah stop then said chyrus come here i ran as fast as i can to noah he sat down on the grass and said to me go live your life i will stay here the light is over there go then i ran without noah to the light but then i stop and ran to Noah and grab noah and ran off to the light THE END.  

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