Friday, 17 March 2017

The awesome trip at Polyfest

On Thursday the 16th of mar 2017 Team 5 went to Polyfest!! There were four teams my mum Ane, Miss Iloa, Mrs sio, and someone else's aunty we did the role and then room 5 got up and we were walking too the bus my mum was thinking how to say our groups names. In my group was Me my mum, Kosini, Ajani, Siokita, Hendrix and Marshal.

My very first highlight was when my mum bought us oite it tasted like a tropical drink.It was kind of funny because my group was saying you must be rich I was thinking did they look at the sign cause it was 1 dollar.

Watching the school's dance at the stage it was funny we got to see some cool dance moves like the running man some break dancing moves and just funny dancing we had a dance competition and the lady was picking 4 people to go on the stage and see who is the best there was I kid about 11 or 10 a Indian man two of them and three special need people.  

I think the funny’s highlight was when Marshal asked one girl about were the got the fire man hats  and then more girls came to tell him where to go and they were giving him information where to go it was actually good information she said it was next to the maoried stage so we walked there. THE END

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