Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Market day

This term I have become rich! I have designed created and sold me, John and Wesley projects.We made 20 pt’s i liked when i hook the customers in i was like this hey you the will you like to buy badges it is one pt customers just keep on coming. 

They are kitchen, home wear, custom stationery, toys and accessories and musical instruments and i was in custom stationery. Me, John and wesley was partners most of the day i went shopping and they would tell me to buy them like a chocolate.  

To set up our classroom room we put up decorations set up the tables then we have to put up our products that we have created. There were so many tables setup for the market day because there are lots of people who want to see our creates that we have made for the market day this term.

This term the year 5&6 were ready for the market day to start When everyone was ready the market day started And there were lots of people there for the market day to come up.When lots people were there lots of our products went done and gone fast

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