Friday, 2 December 2016


                                       RAINBOWS END
On Tuesday the 22nd nov we went to a place called Rainbows End. The first thing that happened Mrs Tele’a put us in groups, there were about 8 to 9 groups. We got our bags ready and we all waited for the bus to come and pick us up. We waited, until we saw the bus drive by. We all got up and got ready. When we got there I was really really nervous because I saw the fear fall and it look so scary and it was very very tall.

We got off the bus and got into to 3 lines so the instructor can put on our wristbands. On each line after we got our wristbands on we went inside and line up again but in 2 lines. We had to talk to our buddy next to us then there was a haka i think that it was a thanks for fundraising and it is a privilege for the parents to come with their children. When it was all done Mrs Tele’a was angry because some people was eating gum at rainbows end it was awesome when we got there. When Mrs Tele’a let us go she said to meet up 12:30 to have lunch so we went off into our groups.

The first ride my group went on was the pirate ship it was funny on the pirate ship because when you go up and down it feel’s like butterflies are in your body. That was cool i was calling out hey what’s that my friend say’s my teacher said that's the scorpion karts so we went on it i hoped on number 8. It was really fun doing the scorpion karts i still remember when this i think 23, or 25 year old. Tried to beat me then out of no there his kart stop. So did mynd but somehow my kart turn on and so did the others but the man’s one did not move i laughed and laughed when i keep on passing him. When i came around one more time the man told me to pull in so i did and other people did to it was very funny.

This is a recout for Rainbows end it is about what we did first and what we did later on when we got there.

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  1. Hi Chyrus, my name is Oliver Palmer and I am a year 5 student. I liked your story about Rainbow's End, because of the details that you have added in your writing. I like going to Rainbow's End as well.
    Is Rainbow's End your favourite amusement park?